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BuDhamma app for iPhone and iPad

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Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: lokesh hanumappa
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Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Sep 2012
App size: 1.43 Mb

The Great Buddha said "Life is Suffering - Noble Truth 1" and then gave the "Path to End the Suffering - Noble Truth 3". This path is called as Noble 8 Fold Path and if we practice it, we can end our suffering.

What is Suffering? It is dis-satisfaction in work, fights with people, mental tension , sickness, no financial abundance and discontent.

But, in modern times, it is so hard to practice because of work pressure, family commitments and other modern time distractions.

Hence, "BuDhamma" app is designed to provided as a Tool to be used so that it can make your Practice easy and also keep you focused.

Features include
1) Take a simple Test to record how you consciously or unconsciously practiced the Noble 8 Fold Path Practice. This test can be taken a regular basis(daily is better) and just in a few click of buttons
2) View Your Practice Results and Store it as a Report for comparative analysis and later viewing.
3) Share Reports via Facebook/Twitter/Email
4) Shows the Practice status for each of 8 Factors of the Noble Path
5) See a Summary via Bar Graph
6) See a Summary via Dhamma Wheel
7) Set/Reset reminders of Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly frequency to keep you on toes.

Just practice the 8 Noble Path and you will become successful automatically and also your health and relationships will be great.

I plan to use the money that comes with this app for a right cause and hence thanks for becoming a good contributor for the purpose.

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